Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 03/21/2015 -Two Bridges – Carquinez Scenic Loop

What’s up HCC!

The morning started out overcast and a little cold as 11 riders rolled out of Hercules Starbucks just after 8:00 am. It was great to see Thomas, Sonny, and Rick back in the mix after being MIA for a while like myself. the group carried a good pace that quickly warmed us up passing through Rodeo and over the Carquinez Bridge.




After a short regroup after the Bridge, Thomas sustained a flat tire, with Ron M and Paulo, he had plenty of help getting his tube changed. While we waited on the side of the road, Joey and Darren found us and joined us on the road. Joey only for a little bit, as he had to split back to Walnut Creek to continue his training.




It was smooth sailing from then on out over the Benicia Bridge and through the Carquinez Scenic trail. As we passed through Crockett, Mario and Paulo decided to take on the Vista Del Rio Wall and half of the group to follow.










We all got back to Hercules safely as we ended the ride with Coffee, Espresso and some snacks at East Bay Coffee for our Club Meeting where shop owner, Lisa hooked our group upwith Espresso shots! Thanks again East Bay Coffee Company!

Below is a photo we took with Lisa. Come and support EBCC, best coffee shop in the area located in Pinole!


Overall a great ride today!  Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride!  Next week’s ride is a nice local ride with a lot of good climbing, 54 miles and 5000 ft. Hope y’all can make it then! Don’t miss out as we revisit McEwan Rd!

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