Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 03/14/2015 – Napa to Mount Veeder-Trinity-Cavedale Loop



2015-03-16 07.24.09

Ride recap by Andy M.

Photos by Andy and Jeff W.

What’s up HCC!

We had twelve riders heading out from Napa starting at a cool 55 degrees. We kept our usual social pace until we hit Mount Veeder Road Road, our first sustained climb of the day.

Jeff made the first move with Kenny, Kemal, Jerry and Kathy to follow. Everyone pretty much stayed together.
Our first break was at the fire station for some much needed water. It was perfect timing as the the fireman was showing some children the fire truck and decided to play the siren. It got pretty loud so it was a good time to leave.

2015-03-16 07.37.48

We then proceeded to descend Trinity which is a tortuous and rutted road. Everyone made it down safely.


Our next stop was lunch at Glenn Ellen Village Market which was at our half way point of a 57 mile ride with 6700 feet of climbing. Since it was warming up to about 75 degrees, we all ate outside.

2015-03-16 07.22.43


2015-03-16 07.25.19

With our stomachs full, we headed out to ascend the unrelenting Cavedale Road. I told a few that the climb was 4 to 5 miles. Everyone thought it seemed like 7 miles. It kind of reminds me of the unrelenting Bofax Road in Marin, but with more pot holes and less trees.

2015-03-16 07.36.51

The last descent looped back to Mount Veeder Road. Kenny, Ron M. and I decided to pace line down this fast descent and caught up and passed another rider. Just before we hit the base, the same rider attacked, and Kenny proceeded to hammer even harder with Ron directly behind him. It was fun seeing this play out as they kept on his wheel until we had to make a right turn and wait for our fellow club riders.

It was a another beautiful and quite warm day to ride. Thanks everyone for making this a fun day!

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