Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 02/14/2015 -Two Bridges – Carquinez Scenic Loop


What’s up HCC!

This past Valentine’s weekend brought us another spring like day in the middle of winter! With it being Valentine’s Day we decided on a short sweet ride the bridge to bridge scenic route.

We met up at the usual meet up the Hercules Starbucks. We had a nice group of 12 riders. We departed about 8:30am and headed towards our first bridge the Carquinez Bridge. It was a nice and easy pace across the bridge into Vallejo.

Unfortunately for me I would suffer a flat on the way to Benicia. Luckily for me I had super bike mechanic Ron M and Todd’s awesome bike pump to get me quickly back on the road and on to our next bridge the Martinez Bridge. We quickly cut through Benicia and made our way across the bridge into Martinez.

From there we proceeded to the new scenic bike route. If you haven’t been through the new scenic route yet, you need to check it out it’s a beautiful stretch road!


Unfortunately we had a crash on back end of the ride heading to Port Costa. Our own resident life saver Roger the Hammer Morris crashed on a wet stretch of road. I’m happy to report that he’s okay and did not suffer any broken bones. Most importantly his bike did not suffer any major damage. Just road rash and cuts lucky for us we had the great Andrew S rolling with a first aid kit and pain med’s. After cleaning the cuts and a short break making sure Roger was well enough to ride. We headed to much needed coffee break at the Burlington Hotel.

I want to take this time to give a shout out to the folks at the Burlington Hotel for providing Roger proper bandages and Advil. From there it was a quick ride back to Hercules.

Over all a great ride with good peeps and great weather. Thanks to all that came out and made it a fun ride!! Kudos to Roger for finishing the ride after the crash!! Rule#5

Mark your calendars we have a great route coming up this Saturday Glenn’s fast Fondo. Until then cheers HCC!

Please enjoy the photo highlights below from the Valentines Day ride!



In the spirit of Valentines Day, Roger and Rico throwing up <3 heart shaped symbols in the above photo.



Crossing the Carquinez Bridge


Roger took a turn too fast on wet roads, thankfully he was able to walk away with just road rash!


Thankfully, Andrew S packed a first aid kit and was able to patch up Roger who practiced Rule #5 to continue on with finishing the ride!  Kudos to you Roger!  We wish you a speedy recovery!

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