Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 01/03/2015 – Hercules to Danville & Back


Ride Recap by Chris Bunag

The HCC kicked off the first Saturday group ride of 2015 with an out and back metric century from Starbucks Hercules to Danville Peets in frigid temperatures. (YES!! We love our coffee and Tea)

The group started with 8 riders and would pick up a couple more riders along the route as the group departed Starbucks Hercules with a temperature reading of 32 degrees. 32 degrees Fahrenheit is 0 degrees Celsius for those on the metric system, burrrrr!!  Riding through the Pinole Valley was bone chilling!

As the chilled group rode towards the San Pablo Dam Reservoir you could see the black ice on the roads.
 It’s a scary sight to see that when on a bike! Since we don’t have air bags if we crashed! But we are happy to report no one crashed!

As we got to the SPDR some of us decided to push the pace I’m not sure who?? I’m guessing the Hammer aka Roger had something to with that  j/k lol! The group would break a part as Andy and I were determined to keep it zone 2. Unfortunately on that stretch Jose was caught in between the main group, Andy and I, and he missed the turn to the Orinda Starbucks in Theater Square and ended up in Moraga. Jose decided to head back rather keep the group waiting. Sorry Jose!!


After a quick break and locating Jose and making sure he was okay. The group would make the final stretch to Peets Danville to meet Norman and Cande who started from Benicia. The group stayed intact until we got to Danville blvd. Where the pace would quicken again.

After a nice break with coffee and snacks at Peets, the group headed back to Hercules and Benicia. Just as we were leaving we bumped into Darren and he headed back with us.

As we  came back on to SPDR the pace again quickened, with Andy and I keeping it zone 2. Then it was a nice and easy return to Hercules after SPDR.

Thanks to all that came out and braved the cold and made it a fun ride!!!

Please get your visa’s approved,  we have another great route coming up this weekend Kings Mountain and Alpine rd!! Don’t miss out!! Cheers HCC!!

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