Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 12/27/2014 – Miner Road Loop

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Ride Recap by Andy M.

What’s up HCC!

New kit day on this cold Saturday morning. Yay!!!


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Good to see Steve and Mike W. since they have not ridden in a while. Also good to see Rigo back!!
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Everyone seemed to endure the cold today. Rule #5 was definitely in effect.

Adrian, Steve, Mike, and I stayed in Zone II while the rest of the group picked up the pace on SPDR.

Francisco, unfortunately sustained two flats (front and rear) and his computer popped off the mount on San Pablo Dam road. Andy gave him a tire boot to fix his torn tire. Those things come in handy!!

​Adrian, Steve and Mike split ways from group at Alhambra & Bear Creek to shorten the route while rest of us proceeded to Pig Farm​ and then on to Franklin and back to Hercules.

Overall a great last ride of 2014 for HCC!!  Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride despite the freezing temperatures.  We have a lot of great rides coming up for January, starting with the New Year’s Day ride that starts at Heather Farms going to the top of Mt. Diablo.  Hope y’all can make it!!  A great way to start the year!

Also, we have the HCC / Road Runner Distance challenge, just to be clear, this is a challenge for the most distance on your road or mountain bikes.  You have to do one club ride within the given period (01/01/2015 – 01/15/2015) to be eligible to win, except if you purely do mtb, since we don’t  have a club ride scheduled for mtb, a club ride is not required.  The winner of the Distance challenge will win A NEW pair of running shoes valued up to $120.00.  So get ready to hit the saddle and log your mileage on Strava!  We’ll see you all on New Year’s Day!

new kit

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