Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 12/13/2014 – Napa to Sonoma to Glen Ellen Loop


Ride Recap by Andy M.

Photos by Jaime M.


What’s up HCC!

We had 9 people and Andrew had to bail before our first climb due to other commitments.

It was pretty chilly with a low of 41 degrees with lots of low level fog and getting up to 55 degrees ​ and then dipping down to 51. Average 47 degrees. Sun came out mostly at the higher elevations.

​We got a late start at 8:48am due to Jaime getting a slash in his tire. He had to return home to get a replacement.

We ending up doing two hills Grover and Trinity and nixed Mount Veeder due to washout from the storm

​We tackled Grove Street, the hardest part first (3 mile climb with 18%
to 21% pitches) and took it easy on the descent due to fallen leaves and wet ground.

At mile 41, we got our sandwiches and soup.

Then came Trinity Climb, a little more gradual, slightly longer but minus the steep pitches.

Other than Jaime’s torn tire, there were no other mechanicals. (he punctured on his way to the our starting point) Mayo took him back to home to get a replacement and then drove him to our starting point.

Next weekend, we are dialing it back to an easy ride, perfect ride before Xmas is the Hercules to Bay Bridge and Back ride!  Hope y’all can make it!

Please enjoy the photos below taken by Ride Leader, Jaime Madrigal.  Thanks Jaime!

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