Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 11/08/2014 – Napa Highfive


What’s up HCC!

We had a truly epic time climbing every finger of the Napa Highfive!  Thanks to Ride Leaders, Jaime and Steve for a great route!   Thanks to everyone for coming out to ride!  Great to meet some new faces, Romeo, Dwayne, Kamal, Kathy, & Jerry.  Welcome to HCC!

Also big thanks to Jody & Glenn for the delicious senorita bread at the start. Great to meet your lil guy!!

Happy Birthday to Chris Bunag!  Hope this was the most epic birthday ride for you!


The morning started out cold, but it didn’t take long at all to warm up on this ride.  There was a total of a whopping 28 riders that rolled out of the In & Out Parking lot off Imola in Napa.

The first finger which was the thumb, hurt so good, not really, it really hurt lol!  It was a good time nonetheless.  Everyone for the most part made it up the hill., but we had a few that turned back.

The second climb, the index finger, Mt George was a nice recovery with an average grade of 6%, it was a nice shaded climb with beautiful smooth roads! It was really fun descending down, until a crazy driver in a pick-up Truck speeding down recklessly nearly running us over.  Thankfully everyone got down the hill safely.

The third climb, was the middle finger which was the longest climb.  It seemed to go on forever!  But everyone was so glad to get to the end of Atlas.  It should have been “At last!”.  The roads were not ideal, it was a bit rough, so everyone took caution descending down.

At the bottom of Atlas, a few of us, broke off to head back to the parking lot as most of us are needed back home.

The rest of the troops continued on with the rest of the fingers which includes Soda Canyon.  The group had lunch after the 4th finger and finished nearly at 5:00 pm as the sun was setting.  A monster route!

Kudos to everyone for the strong finish!

Next week, we have Arlington Blvd and Wildcat, dialing it back to 33 miles and 2800 ft of climbing.  Hope to see y’all then!!

Ride photos below, enjoy!

20141108_081737 20141108_082219


20141108_082249 20141108_082449

20141108_082500 20141108_082609


20141108_093619 20141108_093626




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