Ride Recap: BBC’s Fall Moxie – 10/26/2014

What’s up HCC!

We would like to thank the Benicia Bicycle Club for a great ride and hospitality this past Sunday at their Fall Moxie! We had a grand time! We look forward to riding the Spring Moxie with y’all!

The morning started out cold as riders trickled in the parking lot exchanging pleasantries and signing in for the ride. There was approximately 50 – 60 or so riders total and just over a dozen of us from HCC. The route, same as last year’s Fall Moxie, it was fun and challenging! There was an “A” and “B” group along with great SAG support on the 63 miles and 3600 ft of climbing route!

The “A” group was hammering through the first leg of the route despite strong headwinds in some segments. The regroup at the halfway point was great at the park where riders were able to snack on some nutrition, hydrate, and refill their water bottles.


The climb ahead, Cardiac hill presented a good and gradual climb, just under 2 miles long. With about 20 miles to go there was a short pit stop to fill up on water. After the pit stop, everyone broke into smaller groups and went about their own pace. Mayo, Ronald, Bob, Bochie, Arnel, and I with Andy and Rena trailing behind the Tandem went about a Zone II pace to finish off the ride.

Thanks to Steve Salvador and Jaime for waiting for our group and making sure we made that left turn before Mt George! Good looking out fellas!

We are happy to report that everyone made it safely back to the parking lot! It was a tough ride, we suffered, and had a lot of fun! Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride!

This coming weekend, we are going to dial it back to one of our easier routes. “Two Bridges & a Pig” Hope y’all are able to make it!! Don’t miss out! Keep up with your training! and we’ll see y’all then!

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