Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride 09/13/2014 – Moraga – Pinehurst – Grizzly Peak

Moraga Pinehurst 6

Ride Recap by Andy M & Photos by Chris B

It was a little chilly this morning but warmed up nice.

Moraga Pinehurst 5

We started out with 10 riders​. Steve, Jaime, Marvin and Gerard rode from home. As we approached Castro Ranch we had a nice warm-up over the hill and regrouped on the corner of Dam Rd and Castro Ranch.

Moraga Pinehurst 4

​As we approached the ​the climb on Dam Road, the A and B groups started to form. Steve, Jamie, Ron and Chris formed the faster group until Wildcat intersection. At that point, Chris fell back with the B group while Steve, Jaime and Ron kept a fast pace all the way to Si Si Cafe.
Ken M. rode to the Orinda Bart to meet the GPC riders for their “Alex Second Saturday” ride while the rest of us pressed on towards the rest stop.

After we sat down at the cafe, we learned that Marvin got a flat about a block away.

Moraga Pinehurst 1

We had our drinks and snacks an then moved on to attack Pinehurst while Marvin and Gerard doubled back to Vallejo since they had other commitments.

Moraga Pinehurst 2

​Pinehurst is a beautiful and secluded road with lots of trees and shade. As we climbed Pinehurst, we had a nice little friendly competition with another group of riders. Jaime and Steve took the lead once again and​ another group of riders asked, “Did we drop them?” and Steve answered, “I’m right here.” He then proceeded to drop the other riders. They asked, “Are you with HCC or BBC?” Since he was riding with HCC today, He said “HCC”. We all rode strong on the Pinehurst segment and for some, it was there first time and some PR’d.

Moraga Pinehurst 3

We then proceeded onto Grizzly Peak Blvd and regrouped at the Steam Trains near Lomas Cantadas.
We missed Ron at this regroup point and later found him at the bottom of Wildcat waiting for us.

​We all kept a nice ​tempo pace line on Dam Road, just before the descent into El Sobrante. After that, we proceeded to our end point back in Hercules and said our Good Byes!

Thanks to everyone for coming out for another fun HCC ride!

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