Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – Carlito August Grand Fondo 08/23/2014


What’s up HCC!

We had a proper August Grand Fondo! Tough and challenging, the “Carlito Fondo” which included the hill segments, Twin Sisters, Mt George, and Mt Veeder that summed up to 85 miles and 5500 ft of climbing! Thanks to Carlito who provided us the route and led the group on this Fondo. Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride!


The morning started out overcast and cool, but not too cold. There were 16 riders that rolled out of Shenandoah Park in American Canyon at approximately 7:19 am. Right off the gates, Glenn took off up the hill on American Canyon Rd followed by Chris and myself, but once we got down to regroup at the bottom of McGary, Glenn continued to hammer and proceeded with the route.


As we regrouped along the way, Ira met us up pushing the group number back to 16. The group was at a good pace towards the first hill climb, the Twin Sisters where most of us were climbing it for the first time. The hill presented a good challenge in different incline grade increments passing three cow guard tracks and dead-ends at the top on this 2 mile climb, approximately. Definitely one tough hill to climb, but everyone conquered the hill and enjoyed it nonetheless.


As we continued on the route headed towards Mt George, the group carried a good pace line with Carlito, Jaime, Nana, and myself switching up in the front. At Mt George, the clouds rolled in and the headwinds picked up as the climb surprised as with some micro climates going from hot, to cold, to warm weather.

After an awesome time descending down Mt George, we took a pit stop at a Deli off Silverado Trail which I can’t remember the name. We refueled on water and some of us had a cup of coffee or even a sandwich as a snack to hold us over.


We then proceeded to Mt Veeder! The last 2 miles of Mt Veeder was tough, but Jaime made it look easy setting his PR on the segment. Andy also charged up Veeder to set a PR! He was charged up on the coffee we drank at the last pit stop and had a solid performance.

We then cautiously descended down Mt Veeder as the roads had pot holes here and there and even seemed like a Tree stump in the middle of the road at the end of the segment. Fortunately we all got down the mountain okay.


With 25 miles to go, we took our lunch break at another Deli after we went down a thrilling descent on the Oakville grade!

The last 25 miles was flat, so the group formed a couple of pace lines and headed back to American Canyon. Fortunate to catch the Jaime and Nana’s #paintrain on the way back as they pushed hard on the flats cutting through the headwind like a knife.

We are happy to report that everyone got back safely, no mechanical or flats to report!

Overall an awesome ride! Everyone had an epic time, an August Fondo we’ll all for sure remember! Congrats and kudos to all on the strong finish!


Next week, we are going to dial it back to a 43 mile ride with 3000 ft of climbing which includes Crockett Blvd and Happy Valley hill climb segments! Don’t miss out on another awesome ride! We hope to see you guys then!

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