Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 08/16/2014 – Moraga Loop – Stop at “Si Si Caffe”

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Ride Recap by Andy M.

What’s up HCC!

14 riders on this ride. Lito rode from Richmond along Dam road to meet us at Si Si cafe half way point. No mechanicals.

We all left around 7:45 on a cold morning. We had Steve Salvador on his new BMC Impec riding with Glenn and Jaime in the “A” group.
By the time we got to Cummings, the two groups spread out.

We regrouped at the bottom of Franklin and I found out from Ron and Chris that the A team peeled off.
By the time we (B team ) reached the Si Si in Moraga, we saw Jaime sitting down and Lito waiting for us.

Lol! Jaime told us he got lost after turning right off of Reliez Valley rd. Steve Salvador and Glenn hammered all the way to Orinda Starbucks for water and bypassed Si Si and left Jaime to fend for himself and fall back with us. While at Si Si, Jaime called Steve S. To find out his location, lol. He was already back at Hercules Starbucks asking “where is Glenn?” Haha Glenn was last seen on dam road according to Steve, lol.

On dam road, Jaime, Chris, Ron and Paulo formed the faster pace line while the rest of us formed our own pace line. Everyone enjoyed there pace line.

When we all reached the finish, Steve was waiting for us and Glenn had already left.
Another great ride!




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