Ride Recap- HCC Saturday Ride – 08/09/2014 – Fast Freddie Cafe (SouthPark and Centennial)


What’s up HCC!

We had an absolute great time climbing this Saturday!  We had one new rider joining us, Jayson, who’s visiting  from Ontario Canada!  Welcome to HCC Jayson!  You did very well on the climbs, two of the toughest climbs in the East Bay.  Until your next visit to the Bay!

Also, great to see James Tolosa back in the mix!  Great riding today sir!


The morning started out cool with the sun breaking through the clouds as we were hopeful that it was going to warm up soon after we rolled out at 7:45 am.  There was 13 riders that rolled out of Hercules.  Glenn who had a HOP ride on the agenda took off beaming down Alhambra Valley and not be seen as he broke off headed towards Pig Farm to continue on a different route.  The rest of us continued on to Castro Ranch to Wildcat.


The sun disappeared as we climbed up Wildcat, it was foggy and cold.  But we had other things to worry about, like climbing the two walls ahead, Southpark and Centennial.  Everyone did well on Southpark for the most part, specially Kenny who spun effortlessly up the hill.  But Felipe who’s just getting back on the saddle  had to bow out after the first wall.

After a fast descent on Claremont, we took a Coffee break at Fast Freddie’s Cafe where we enjoyed coffee, pastries, and some of us got a full on meal!

As we proceeded on to climb Centennial, most of us had never climbed up this wall. #ouch is one way to describe it, #hurtsogood is another.  The wall did not disappoint, its definitely a wall, just as hard as Southpark or maybe even harder.  Everyone got up the hill, but boy was it a struggle.

As we headed back to Hercules, we actually had a well rotating paceline on SPDR, full rotation with 6-7 guys on the line hammering down the rolling hills!  Fun fun fun!!

We all got back to Hercules safely with no flat tires or mechanical issues to report.  We ended the ride enjoying coffee and great conversation at Starbucks that our new friend Jayson treated us to, thanks again sir!  That was very kind of you!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride!  Thanks to Andy for an excellent route!  Great pit stop pick as well, Fast Freddie’s Cafe is awesome!  Thanks To Kenny at Norcal Spinners for dropping off our Stingers orders!

Next week, we are dialing it back a little bit with a more moderate 2900 ft of climbing, the Moraga Loop with a stop at “Si Si Caffe” by Andy M!  Don’t miss out!  We look forward to riding with you then!  Have a great week everyone!  Enjoy the following photo highlights below!

“At the top of Southpark”


“Going up Centennial”




“Centennial and Grizzly Peak”



“At Wildcat headed down to SPDR and back to Hercules!”



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