Ride Recap: HCC Saturday Ride – 07/19/2014 – 2 Bridges – Lake Herman – Pig Farm


What’s up HCC!

Another great day of riding an awesome route by Andy M!  The morning started overcast, but not cold, but cool and perfect!  There were 11 riders that rolled out of Hercules as we made our way to Vallejo.  Right off the gates, the group was doing a good pace up Hercules hill, sprint the hell away from the refinery, and the San Pablo-Crockett Climb segments!  It seems that everyone ate their Wheaties this morning as the peloton of dope HCC kits came roaring up those hills!

As we rolled down Benicia Road, we ran into our neighboring friends at Benicia Bicycle Club, good to see you all!


We continued on to Lake Herman where we took a short break and checked out the lake.


On the way home on the last stretch of Alhambra Valley where the group pushed the pace turned from a B+ to an A pace group!  The headwind didn’t make things any easier, but it was fun!


Lastly, before we go back home or to where we parked our cars, we stopped by  East Bay Coffee and said hello to our friends, Billy, Lisa, and Shane.  Thanks again guys for accommodating HCC and having our bikes litter the front of your lovely coffee shop!  We truly enjoy ending our rides at your shop 🙂


The stop at East Bay Coffee is always great!  We treated ourselves to some awesome pastries, espresso, or a cup of Joe as we enjoyed discussing the eventful morning ride!

Thanks again to everyone who came out and rode today!  Andy kudos to you sir for another awesome route!   Tomorrow is the Mtb ride, hope some of y’all can join us!

Today was the last day to send your payment to Bochie for the HCC T- Shirt, If we don’t receive your payment by tomorrow,  I’m sorry, but your order will be cancelled 🙁  So please send your payment via Paypal: hccfunds@gmail.com

Y’all have a great rest of the weekend and an awesome week ahead!!!  Go HCC!!!




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