Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 07/12/2014 – July Fondo!


What’s up HCC!

Another awesome Grand Fondo completed!   We had Leo from Fairfield Peloton joining us today, Welcome to HCC Leo!  Hope you ride with us again soon!  We’d like to also congratulate all of the HCC and BBC riders that finished the Death Ride!!!  We all knew you guys would do very well!  Kudos and hats off to you all!  Bravo!!!

Also great to see Richard, Elmer, & Arman joining us again today!  Hope y’all had fun at the ride!


Now back to the recap, the morning started out overcast but it wasn’t cold, just cool and perfect!  With a handful of ours guys riding the Death Ride, we still had a big group rolling out of American Canyon! 19 riders total!  We rolled out at about 7:15 am with a Group A and B pace.  Right off the gates, Glenn went off on a solo Group A breakaway, not to been seen for a few miles!  Mean while the main group carried on with Nana, Roger, Sean, Leo, and myself in the front to lead Group B (it kind of felt like Group A pace?), we had our version of the pain train going for the B group lol!


Rico sustained a flat on Mile 17, we had the rest of the group proceed with the route to Calistoga, while Andy and a few of us stayed behind with Rico.


We got to Calistoga at 9:30 am!  Had a nice break as we took over the outside seating area at the Cafe Sonoma.


After fueling up at the break, it was hammer time!!!  The group was moving fast as we caught a tailwind for the first few miles headed home, but we were boggled that we encountered headwinds for the majority of the ride back.  It was truly a suffer fest, roaring down the Silverado Trail, with headwinds bogging some of us down, stretched out HCC along this road. We regroup at the store at mile 70, fueled up and hydrated.


The last 16-17 miles were definitely painful as fatigue always sets in around this time.  We got back to American Canyon at exactly 1:30 pm!  Everyone got back safe , had fun, and enjoyed the scenic vineyards along the route!


Thanks again to everyone who came out today!  Thanks to Andy for sweeping and Glenn, Nana, and Sean for helping lead the group.  Next week, we are going to dial it back to a shorter ride, a 41 Miler with 2800 ft of climbing.  Hope to see everyone then!  If we don’t see y’all on the Wednesday ride (Three Bears Loop), see y’all Saturday!

Reminder, the deadline to let us know your sizes for the HCC T-shirts is this Monday, the 14th of July.  We will send out the instructions for payment soon, but it will be due on Friday, the 18th so stay tuned!  If you don’t have Facebook to cast your vote for your size, please contact us via e-mail at herculescyclingclub@gmail.com



Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!!!

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