Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 06/28/2014 – June Fondo!


What’s up HCC!

What an epic day of cycling today!  There were 19 riders that rolled out of Hercules at about 7:25 am.  The day started off cool with no clouds in sight and the sun was already preheating the day like an oven.  I would like to say Welcome to HCC to all the new guys that rode with us today, Leo, David, Ira, and June.  Welcome back to Emerson and Arman who rode with us previously, nice job out there!  Way to finish the ride!

So back to the Recap.  Only seconds after we have rolled out, Walter got a flat, fortunately between him and Ron M’s combined super mechanic powers, it was a 3 minute tube change and we were back rolling!  We were a big group on the road at Alhambra Valley towards the first challenging climb, the reverse Pig Farm segment.



Above is a photo of  the group climbing up the Pig Farm.  It was a good warm up for all the climbing we still had up ahead on the ride.

As the group proceeded towards Mt. Diablo, the group grew bigger as we picked up rider, June at Castro Ranch, yes his name is June and he did the June Fondo!  How awesome is that!  We then stopped by Heather Farms where David, Marvin and Sean joined us pushing our count to 23 riders.  Then at the North Gate, Steve and Mike W. join in the fun as we started to let the good times roll, literally.  Everyone did really well on the climb.  Most of us took our time as we had 50 Miles to go after the Devil of a Mountain part of the ride.   We also had Arnel and Pablo joining us at the Junction who rode from Castro Valley.   Our numbers topped off at 27 riders for the day.



Above is the start of the climb at Mt. Diablo.  The group got really stretched out  since we were a collection of different skill levels.  Just as a friendly reminder to everyone to please check the Ride Rating before joining the ride and know your limits, it will only make your ride experience with us more enjoyable!  Thank you!




After a fast and always thrilling descent down the mountain,   the group had lunch at Ignacio Plaza where the guys either went to Kinder’s or the Taqueria (forgot the name).



Above: Photo Credit: Chris Bunag

As we proceeded to finish the ride, it was getting warmer and fatigue sets in for some of the guys.  A few guys went the wrong way and took a right on Happy Valley rd to Bear Creek to finish the ride.  Most of us regrouped at Orinda Starbucks where we decided to cut the ride short as it was getting late.  Some pushed through the three bears reverse to finish the day and not proceed with the remaining Pig Farm and the Bridges on the route schedule.  Some of us took Castro Ranch and headed home as  our Riding Visa was expiring.



Overall the HCC Strava Grand Fondo was a great ride!  Thanks to the 27 riders who came out to ride today on this grueling fondo!  Thanks to Andy for leading the ride and for Bochie for the June Fondo route and sweeping and leading from behind!!!  It’s tough to manage a big group in a fondo, but we did OK!  Everyone got back safe! That’s all that matter 🙂

Next week will be an easier 42 miler ride as we dial it back.  Thank goodness! looking forward to it!  Don’t miss  out on another great route by Andy M!  Hope to see you all again then!


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