Ride Recap – HCC Mtb Sunday Ride – 06/22/2014 – Briones Eastern Loop


What’s up HCC!

What a lovely day to ride on dirt this Sunday morning! The ride started off kind of cold though as we rolled out at about 7:15 am with only four of us, Adrian, Rozel, Julius, and I. It was a real treat to ride with the CA State Champion, Rozel Tupaz! Again congratulations on all your achievements! Kudos to you sir.


We had no problems warming up with this 7 mile loop, because it had 1600 ft of climbing! The route yielded challenging climbs with loose dirt /roots and also fast descents with gravel and ruts to watch out for. It was an awesome view before you start your climb as you are able to marvel at the bare and brown hills that had a good contrast with the clear blue sky and lingering clouds as the sun rays started to warm the land as the morning progressed. From the top of the hill, it offered a great panoramic view of the area. If you haven’t been to Briones, you should definitely check it out, if not for Mtb, go for a hike, they have great hiking trails! Going down on the descents can sometimes be nerve wrecking, but Rozel and Adrian, like pros, they go fast down that trail. Julius and I were more conservative, the nice, slow, and safer approach 🙂

The ride ended at about 9:00 am, it was short and sweet. Thanks again to our Mtb Ride Coordinator, Adrian Guevara for another awesome route! In two weeks, will be Joaquin Miller Park! Check out the ride posting under “upcoming rides” Don’t miss out! We hope to see you guys then!

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