Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Team Photo & Ride – 06/21/2014 – Danville & Back


What’s up HCC!

What a great turn out today on the HCC New Kit Day, Team Photo, and the ride!  I opened up my garage at 7:20 am and riders trickled in, excited to pick up and try on their new Voler kits!  There was about between 30-35 people that showed up this morning.

Thanks again to our sponsor Jerry at www.nuevephotography.com  for another wonderful Team Photo session!  We look forward to seeing the awesome solo and team pictures!

We have James Schultz joining us for the first time today, welcome to HCC James!  We look forward to seeing you on another HCC ride soon.  We also had Ken joining us for the first time on a Saturday ride, welcome to HCC Ken!  Glad you can make  it out today for the ride!  Also Rena joining us for the second time with her new HCC Kit!  First female HCC road rider! and we have Katrina as our first female Mtb rider! Woohoo!

I would also like to thank everyone who has donated to our HCC funds so far!   I can’t say this enough, but we have a great group of guys and girls in this club, our dynamics is phenomenal!  Kudos to all!  “onward and upward!” – Glenn Go HCC!!!

So back to the new kits, they are awesome!  The padding is primo and the fit is excellent!  I know a lot of you would like to open the online store to order more kits now, but the soonest I would say will be late summer, so stay tuned!

Back to the ride recap!  What a gorgeous day out in the East Bay!  It was partly cloudy with a very cool breeze to start the morning as 26 riders rolled out from my place.  There was an A and B group to start where the A group went at a faster pace, but the B group wasn’t far behind 🙂  Group A led by Glenn started hammering on Pinole Valley to Castro Ranch, where Chris and I followed.  As we regrouped on SPDR and proceeded towards Orinda, the hammer fest continues and a lot more guys went on the A group pace.  Paulo, Ron, Archie, Chris, Roger, Mayo and I pushed the pace on SPDR.  Glenn and I were the only ones switching the lead in front where we battled against some headwinds!  Still a fast and fun pace though 🙂  Glenn was beasting so hard he nearly lost his contacts!  That’s the side effect of “beasting” too hard! lol

As we proceeded to Danville, I can’t help but notice but people in their cars or cycling groups were pointing, smiling, and were curious about us.  We had one lady cheering for us, “I didn’t know there was a cycling club in Hercules, woohoo!”  or one older man we met at Peet’s coffee in Danville “I saw you guys on the road, you guys were going fast like 40 mph, you guys are speeding!” lol, it just goes to say that we look good in our kits and we get noticed on the road!  🙂

Another note for the side effect of “beasting”, Archie hammering so hard on the descent on Acalanes that his iphone jumped out of his vest pocket!  Sorry about your cracked screen Archie, but no worries, Ron’s nephew Justin will get that in brand new shape!

We took an easier pace on the way back, until SPDR! lol another hammer time session took place, always a good time on this road!  We did get 2 flats near the end, one with Andy/Rena and Roger  :/  but with master mechanic Ron, we were back on the saddle in no time!

Overall, it was a great ride as always!  Everyone at HCC are for the most part, seasoned riders, so I can tell that we ride strong as a group!  Kudos to y’all!  Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride today!   Next week is the June Fondo, this here is some serious death ride training, so please prepare accordingly (check your bikes, bring enough food, water bottles, and lastly get your visa approved!)  Don’t miss out!  If we don’t see you on our Mtb or Wednesday ride, see you guys next Saturday!  Have a great weekend to all!


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