Ride Recap – HCC Saturday Ride – 06/14/2014 – Mt. Hamilton!



What’s up HCC!

What a great ride today in the South Bay! Thanks to James Tolosa for an awesome route! We had Ted, joining us for the first time today, welcome to HCC Ted!!! Glad you were able to make it on the ride!

Awesome warm weather today in San Jose! Blue sky all around and no clouds to be seen. The Sun was already warm beaming down at 7:30 am. Most of us coming from the East Bay, hit some traffic around Sunol that delayed everyone from getting to the staging area, hence we rolled out at 8:11 am instead.

There was 16 riders that rolled out of Penetencia Park in San Jose. The group carried a light pace up to Alum Rock and picked up from there. Mt Hamilton yielded beautiful panoramic views of San Jose! The climb was moderate but relentless and never ending, 19 Miles up from the base of Mt Hamilton Rd. Glenn led the A group which consist of just Glenn and I. We carried a nice pace up chatting it up till we hit the Summit! It’s great when you can take your mind off the actual climb.

Everyone did pretty well on the ascent up. There were a lot of first-timers up this mountain, and its great to see everyone conquer it! HCC was well represented up and down the hills as many cyclist took notice. Our eye catching stripes and colors always leaves fellow cyclist on the road intrigued! If you ever get asked, “Where is Hercules?” you can just simply strike a pose (flexing your muscles) and reply “this is Hercules” lol – Let’s do a wacky pose on our team photo this coming weekend, striking a pose as if we are Hercules, so practice! lol

After we took a substantial break at the Lick Observatory, we then proceeded back to Penetencia Park. The descent was a different story. Definitely fast and thrilling! But presented a good challenge as well as some sections of the descent were littered with rocks and gravel which can be dangerous for us cyclist. Everyone managed to avoid these obstacles, but need less to say, there were some close calls. Fortunately we were able to all get back safe to our cars!

Overall, it was a fun, challenging, thrilling – awesome ride! Thanks again James! This has to be one of our favorite routes in the South Bay, we’ll put it in the route rotation 🙂

This coming weekend is our New Kit Day – Team Photo – so if you own a kit, or ordered your first one, please show up for the team photo. Details are posted under upcoming rides. Hope to see everyone then!

Also, I would like to let everyone know that Emman Maceda aka Bochie is our new HCC Treasurer, Jaime is not able to take on the role due to his busy schedule. Thanks Bochie for stepping to the plate! Bochie has set up our HCC Paypal account, as we mentioned before, we are asking all our members for $5-$10 donation to start our HCC Funds to cover the costs of the club (website, 4th of July Expo, & Summer BBQ’s!). Details to be posted soon by our new treasurer.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to ride today! Kudos to all! Looking forward to showcasing our new Voler HCC kits on the ride next weekend!

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