Ride Recap – HCC Mtb Sunday Ride – 06/08/2014 – Briones Mtb Loop


What’s up HCC!

What a great first HCC Sunday Mtb ride we had! It was already warm at 7:00 am! There was 7 of us that rolled out from the top of Briones rd at about 7:20 am. The group stayed together the whole time. The Briones Loop yielded breath taking views, a real hurting for some hill climbs and adrenaline pumping descents!

The grass was over grown in some sections, specially on some steep descents, where we had to really take our time and go slow as we weren’t able to identify the ruts on the trail. Everyone did well though, no one fell off the bike! 🙂

It was an absolutely perfect morning for Mtb as we went up and down the hills. Everyone had a lot of fun in this short and sweet loop. The 7.5 miles took us about 1.5 hours which includes regroups and breaks. Perfect to get a quick work out in and its always fun riding on dirt!

The loop was so fun we decided we are going to stick with Briones’s different trails for a bit until everyone get their bearings before raising the difficulty level. So on the 22nd of June, Sunday is the next Mtb ride! To be posted soon, so stay tuned! Hope y’all can make it then!

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