RIDE RECAP: HCC Memorial Day Ride – Cummings Skyway – McEwan – Pig Farm – Monday – 05/26/2014


What’s up HCC!

We salute and remember everyone that has served this country from past to present, hats off to all!

Today’s memorial day was short and sweet! There was 11 riders that rolled out at about 7:20 am from Hercules. The sun was already on full blast early on, no wind vest or arm warmer needed. Right off the gates Chris B. charged up the first hill as he grabs a PR on Hercules Hill! We had a strong group today, moving fairly fast up and down Cummings Skyway and Crockett Blvd. As we took the twist and turns towards Port Costa and pulled up in front of McEwan rd, the guys took a deep breath, slammed some energy gels, and hydrated and charged up McEwan, which never gets easy, but some of us got PR’s on this segment including myself.

As we took off after regrouping at Franklin Canyon, this is always a fun segment. Blasting and switching hands in front of the pace line led by Roger and James, Walter and Jonah carrying on the tempo between 27-30 mph.
The group stayed together at a mild pace coming up Alhambra Valley, very social segment where guys got to catch up shooting the shit.

Pig farm was a breeze coming up and down and regrouping at bear creek where we always waved hello to fellow cyclists passing by.

Unfortunately, James sustained two flats. The first one was his front wheel, it went boom! The tube blew, so loud, scared a few of us. lol!

The second flat was his rear wheel which happened in Pinole already 1/2 a mile from the finish. The group decided to do some extra credit climbing. We climbed up Downer led by Bochie who climbed that hill pretty strong, must have been the new Zipp wheelset he got, lol. He was spinning beautifully that left everyone in the dust.

Fortunately we all go back home safe. Happy Memorial Day!! The Wednesday ride is up, hope to see you guys then! But, for next Saturday will include a “half a toe nail” the dreaded El Toyonal! Stay tuned for the next HCC Saturday Ride!

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